No need to get stuck... use the Nilfisk Drain & Tube Cleaner

20/10/2010 00:00

Leafs are falling from the trees, when it rains sand can be washed around – autumn is here. This may leave you with a blocked drain but no need to worry with a  Nilfisk drain & tube cleaner you can easily remove the blockage. "The drain & tube cleaner consists of a long thin high-pressure hose with a special nozzle on the end” explains Nilfisk’s Portfolio Manager, Esben Graff.


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"It shoots at angles one jet forward and three jets backwards, enabling the pressurised water to burst forward. When reaching the blockage, the forward jet eats away the blockage while the three other flush the remains backwards".

The drain & tube cleaner can also be used for blocked toilets. Because the amount of water in new toilets is smaller and the flow slower, blockages can become an unpleasantly frequent event. Instead of hanging upside down in a sewer drain every so often, or getting your conscience "dirty"  using drain cleaning chemicals, you might want to consider the Nilfisk drain & tube cleaner.

Test results prove the small DIY device to be surprisingly effective. The drain & tube cleaner is 15 m. long.  

See Video Drain and Tube