Indoor climate

The feeling of a good indoor environment begins and ends with achieving pleasant air quality..

The indoor climate is invisible to the eye. We feel it more than see it, and a bad climate is liable to cause us physical discomfort. The most common discomforts are headaches, fatigue and irritation of the eyes, nose or throat.

Most often these are transient conditions, but not necessarily. Allergies and respiratory problems do not have to be congenital but can develop over time as a result of overexposure to environmental pollution. And more and more often they do.

Although a bad indoor climate is rarely caused by a single source alone, dust is without doubt one of the main contributors to the problems. The feeling of a good indoor climate begins and ends with the quality of the ambient air, which is why the first step towards a balanced and pleasant environment is to clear the air by effective vacuum cleaning.

The natural second step is frequent ventilation of the air, so that stale air is removed and replaced by fresh air. Naturally, this part cannot be covered by a Nilfisk vacuum cleaner alone, but the need for ventilation can be kept down by frequent vacuuming, especially if you choose a vac with a high-efficiency HEPA filter.

While the vacuum cleaner sucks up the dust on the floors, the HEPA filter cleans the exhaust air and prevents dust particles from being recirculated back into the room. HEPA filters clear the air, so to speak, which means that they are not only effective, they are also good for you.